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Traineeship info

Did you know, as an employee at a Real Estate office, the Government will provide funding for you to upskill from your Certificate of Registration to a full Real Estate Agents Licence!! In most cases, training costs are fully met by Government funding, but places are limited... Interested?? Read more...

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Choosing a traineeship with the Real Estate Education and Training (REET)allows you to gain valuable on the job work experience and earn an income while you learn a Nationally recognised qualification.

Traineeships are for ALL ages

Traineeships are a great way to start your career, advance your career, help with further study or even open your own business.

Traineeships are Government Funded

By signing up an eligible employee into a traineeship with the Real Estate Education and Training, (REET) the employer is entitled to a payment over the life of the traineeship, up to $4,000 from the Government. (Conditions apply)

Incentives Payable to Employers (maximum)

$ 1,500 Upon commencement and registration of the traineeship

(this takes approx 3 months to come through after the traineeship commences)

$ 2,500 Upon successful completion of the traineeship period and training course

(transcript issued)

$ 4,000 In total (including GST)

Incentives available to employees

If you are a new employee (see definition below) then the NSW State Government may pay most of the cost of our course tuition fee. ($2,900 of the $3,900) leaving only $1,000 left to pay. In most cases the employer will cover this cost from the $4,000 Federal Government incentive mentioned above. (This needs to be agreed upon between the trainee and the employer prior to the commencement of training)

How do you know if your employee is eligible?

  • Is your employee an Australian citizen or permanent resident?
  • Is your employee full or part time?
  • Your employee must not hold any formal qualifications.
  • Trainees cannot be self employed.

Eligibility, and the amount of incentive available, is assessed by an Australian Apprenticeships Centre and will vary depending upon the education background of the employee, the training course that they wish to undertake and their successful completion of the course.

New Employees

A new entrant employee has been employed for under 3 months full time or 6 months part time. For new employees, the NSW State Government will meet the majority of the cost of the College course fee ($2,900 of $3,900) which leaves the only cost being the balance of the course tuition fee of $1,000. This is made up of an annual enrolment fee of $958 and a further $42 to cover the cost of scanning /storage fees. (the “additional” fees)

The employer will also receive the $4,000 Federal Government funding incentive (Conditions apply). If you take the extra $1,000 due to REET from the $4,000 Federal Government incentive then you, the employer are still in front $3,000.

(Please note: Total cost for the Certificate IV in Real Estate is $3,900 as above)

A new entrant employee that does not qualify for the $4,000 Federal Government grant may be entitled to State funding of $2,900. So there is still an incentive for the new employee to gain their full license. However, they would be required to pay the balance of the enrolment fee $958 and $42 for scanning/storage of documents, leaving a balance due of $1,000, which is still very reasonable for a full agent’s qualification.

Existing Employees

An existing employee is an employee who has been employed for more than 3 months full time or more then 6 months part time. For existing employees, the NSW State Government does not pay the College course or enrolment fee.

However the employer still receives government funding of up to $4,000 as per above for taking on and training the employee whilst on the job. (Conditions apply).

An arrangement can be made for the employer to enter into an agreement with REET to pay the majority of the $4,000 Federal Government incentive to us to cover the course tuition fee of $3,900….leaving a small sum of $100 left over for the employer.

No upfront charges

There are no upfront charges to complete your Certificate IV in Real Estate with REET.

Any funds that are due to us are paid only when:

  1. As a new employee, the State Government pays part of the course fee of $2900 to us.
  2. As a new employee, your employer receives the first initial payment of $1500 and forwards us $1,000 to cover our course fee’s in full. (subject to their agreement)
  3. As an existing employee your employer receives the initial payment of $1500 and forwards us the full $1500 as part payment of your course fees. (subject to their agreement)
  4. As an existing employee your employer receives the final payment of $2500 and forwards us $2,400 to cover the balance of the course fees in full. (subject to their agreement)
  5. As an existing employee, the State Government pays part of the course fee of $2900 to us and the balance of $1,000 due as the “additional” fee’s will be paid by either you or the employer (or both jointly) prior to the issue of any qualifications.

How long does the traineeship go for ?

Traineeships can continue for a period of up to 2 years. However it is up to both REET and your employer to be satisfied that you have met both the competencies both in class and also in the working environment and, in the case where this occurs within the 2 year period, then the traineeship can be completed early. (“early completion”)

In some cases, where you have had previous experience and can demonstrate this experience to REET, we can assess you for Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) and this will give you advanced standing in the course.

Further details of the Recognition of your current competencies can be supplied after your enrolment has been accepted but this will substantially shorten your traineeship period.

Where you have no or limited real estate experience you will be required to complete the full 24 modules required for the issue of a Statement of Attainment.

Issue of Statement of Attainment

When you have successfully completed all the 24 modules required and your employer is satisfied that you are eligible to work in the capacity of a fully licensed agent then, upon payment of all fee’s due to REET, we will issue you with your “Statement of Attainment”.

You will then be required to take the “Statement of Attainment” to the Office of Fair Trading to apply for your Real Estate Agents license. You should ensure that you complete the forms correctly and answer the questions honestly. They will enquire about any criminal records you may have had within the last 10 years and also whether or not you have at any time been bankrupt. If you are unsure, please ask us at REET first and we may be able to investigate for you confidentially.

How long does the whole process take before I can become licensed?

That largely depends on you, your employer and how quickly you can work. REET has a number of ways to get you through your studies and in most cases your studies can be completed within 3 months or sooner…...if you have plenty of Recognition of Current Competencies. Then…as long as there are no delays in payments from the Government and you don’t experience any delays with your application we expect that the whole process could take up to 6 months. Just remember, the sooner you complete our course, the sooner we can issue your Statement of Attainment. We will advise you of the pathways available to undertake the studies once you formally apply for a position.

Where do we go from here?

If you are an employer then you need to identify which employees are eligible for training and what their possible Government incentives could be. You should discuss the above arrangements with them and get their consent to complete and return the attached “Funding eligibility form” so that we can confirm the exact amount of funding available to you.

If you are an employee you should discuss the above traineeship with your employer and get his or her consent to support you through the traineeship. Their could be a financial incentive for them to do so.! If they are prepared to help you through the traineeship then complete the “Funding eligibility form” attached and we will commence our enquiries with the Government department to confirm the funding available to you.

Funding for traineeships is limited so once the Government money has gone, traineeships will cease so if you want the opportunity to obtain your license fully funded by the Government then don’t delay your application.

Click here to download a "Funding Eligibility Form"

You will need to print and fill in the form then fax back to us on (02) 9090 2657.