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Certificate of Registration in NSW

Certificate of Registration in NSW.


Prior to entering the Real Estate industry new inductee's are required to undertake a course to prepare them for work in the property industry. This course was known as the "Course in Property Practice" (now known as " Certificate of Registration" Course).

This course is conducted over 3 days (or distance learning if you cannot come to class) and covers the 4 compulsory subjects as set down by the Office of Fair Trading to enable the student to qualify for the issue of a "Certificate of Registration" which will allow them to commence work in a Real Estate agency.

As of Friday 19th June 2009 the old requirements of a 3 module course changed to a new 4 module course from the new Property Training Package CPP07.

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The four compulsory topics:

1) CPPDSM4007A Identify Legal & Ethical requirements of property management

to complete agency work.

2) CPPDSM4008A Identify Legal & Ethical requirements of property sales to

complete agency work.

3) CPPDSM4080A Work in the Real Estate Industry

4) CPPDSM309A Communicate with clients as part of agency operations

These 4 topics are covered in the 3 day sessions. Students will be required to complete assignments and an assessments throughout the course (or in their own time dependent on their learning styles and time constraints)..

The assignments and assessments are relevant to the course material covered on each of the days training and form part of the assessment strategy which enable the student to demonstrate competence in each required topic.

Students will be assessed against the “Methods of assessment” advised to students at course commencement. Any balance of assessment (if required) will take place on the return of Assignments and Assessments not completed in class.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be issued with a “Statement of attainment” for successful completion of the above 4 Units of competence from the CPP40307 Training Package Cert IV in Property (Real Estate).

This certificates, when presented at the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) with the necessary application for registration, will meet the requirements for the issue of a "Certificate of registration" as a real estate sales person/property officer.

The cost of REET’s "Certificate of Registration" Course is $595...

To check when REET offers the “Certificate of Registration” click on the link here which will show you the dates available.

Please note: In order to obtain your Certificate of Registration, application will need to be made to NSW Office of Fair Trading. Fair Trading has pre-requisites in place to ensure only credible people enter the industry. You must be a fit and proper person with no record of criminal activity within the previous 10 years. Check with Fair Trading if you are unsure prior to taking this course on 9619 8799.

The Certificate of Registration course is available on the following dates:

FEBRUARY 2020 4th, 5th, 6th Central Coast, 64 Vales rd Mannering Park

MARCH 2020 3rd,4th,5th Central Coast, 64 Vales rd Mannering Park

To enroll in the course, go to the "Starting in Real Estate" page and click on the "CLICK HERE" link at the bottom of the page.